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Our Products & Services

We realise that a quality product with proper after sales and spares availability is of major importance to you our valued client. We have therefore only sourced from well known UPS, engine, alternator and solar manufacturers who have millions of satisfied customers and agents country and worldwide. All our power generation set combinations meet and exceed all international, local and tropical specifications.

Our List of Full Services Include


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New / Used Generators

Coastal Generators

Rental Sets

Servicing & Installations

Our vast range of new and used generators for sale, is from 10kVA to 1000kVA from top engine and alternator brands.

All our generator set combinations meet and exceed all international, local and tropical specifications.

Our new range of coastal generators are taking the market by storm with our new Fibreglass all weather canopy generator sets.

Fibreglass canopies has many advantages over mild steel canopies and wood canopies. It won’t rot, rust or deteriorate, are low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, won’t warp, bow or twist and is very secure, making them ideal for the coast.

Take advantage of our rental sets to get emergency power when you need it most. Never be without power again.

Our rental sets range from 50kVA to 300kVA.

With our team of technicians and mechanics maintaining your generator, you can rest assured that it will never let you down.

We also off an onsite breakdown service and handle installations of new generators and solar panel systems.

Solar Energy

Control Panels

Consultancy & power analysing.

UPS & Inverters

Go Solar! For when you want to go off grid or use solar instead of a back up Generator set.

Amgen can tailor make a Solar Energy Solution for you and your business or household.

We manufacture a variety of control panels suited to your requirements.

 - Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)

 - Automatic Transfer System (ATS)

 - Synchronising

 - Remote Monitoring and Automation

 - Obsolete control panel upgrades

 - Other specialised power generator    control panels.

With our vast electrical and mechanical expertise, Amgen is more than qualified to consult, build and install a solution to meet your exact needs and pocket.

Combine a UPS with either a generator set or solar power for true uninterruptible power.

Absolutely necessary for today's sensitive electronic devices.