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Expert Electrical Power Solutions.

How We Do It

providing you with innovative solutions and drastic cost savings.

We at Amgen give you piece of mind in knowing that your business will always be running.

“As electrical and mechanical engineers, possessing vast experience”

What We Do

At Amgen we are able to build, supply and install prime and emergency power systems that are engineered to your specific requirements,

design and facilitate in the best interests of our customers. Utilising the latest in diesel generators, UPS’s and solar power systems, Amgen has the perfect solution for your constant power problems.

As electrical and mechanical engineers, possessing vast specialist generator and consulting expertise in emergency power plants. Amgen is eminently qualified to plan, build,

“Amgen is eminently qualified to plan, build, design.”

With its vast specialist generator and consulting expertise, Amgen prides itself in delivering the best emergency power systems to individuals and large organisations alike.

We take our business seriously and believe that the company derives its value from the way in which opportunities are grasped and the related strategies which are formulated in response to these.

and state of the art solution to sporadic power failures. A UPS Unit is energised from MAINS SUPPLY until a power failure or surge. The stand by- AMF Generator set starts up and supplies AC power to the UPS. There is no flicker or break in power.

This is definitely a marriage made in heaven.

We strive to provide a customer experience which no longer consists only of fees, products and services, but encompasses values such as quality, commitment and integrity.

Engaging in business is not based on experimenting with various initiatives,

but in the selection of the correct product solution to suit the customers’ needs and budget.

With a constant power solution, your power never goes off. A Stand by Generator and a UPS are designed to work with each other. This is the latest

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